Sunday, December 8, 2013

Reflection of my Digital Learning Hub

ED 720 Learning Hub Reflection

This not only a reflection but also a release or  initial announcement for my learning hub. I have been working on the design and understanding of how to create it  for about a month and a half now but felt I needed to really delve into it before I posted. Initially I tried to set up my professional website on a few different sites but came back to google sites because it just seemed easier to be able to access all my google drive documents, pictures, uploads, downloads, etc. from one site. During the past two weeks I have really spent a lot of time figuring out how to add and delete on my website as it was not as simple as working in google docs. I have created links, added youtube videos, images, and all that good stuff that goes into designing a website. I found the most time consuming work to be adding links to all the resources and materials I used in my unit, however those will be very helpful to other math teachers and coaches if they wish to use my Geometry Unit.

My initial intent was to keep it simple and add more bells and whistles to my site as I became more comfortable and experienced working within that medium. My intended audience is teachers and other professionals interested in teaching STEM related material. I have perused many other teacher created websites and found many of them to be very impressive. I plan on trying to make mine have a professional look and provide my audience with helpful information and ideas. Although I am in the beginning stages of creating and designing my digital learning hub I hope it still provides some useful material to educators. I welcome any feedback you think might help to make my site better. In the meantime I hope you like my initial work.

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