Sunday, March 23, 2014

ED 722 Week 12 Final Reflection

Our final week of the DLMOOC asks us to reflect on our own deeper learning during the course.

As I mentioned in my blog at the start of the DLMOOC that this was the first Massive Open On-line Course that I was a participant in. I wasn't sure what to expect or even how it worked. So I began by introducing myself on the DLMOOC Google + page and I reading other participants introductions as well. There was definitely comfort in knowing there were a number of us new "MOOCies".

I thought the whole course was very organized. The weekly readings and panel discussions were very pertinent to my course of study at the University of New Haven as well really interesting. High Tech High was a school that was highlighted and I was thoroughly impressed with their philosophy, project based learning and teacher & student engagement.

My favorite part was using twitter to communicate and post interesting items. I also enjoyed reflecting and sharing what I learned each week using Storify.

I believe my participation was pretty good in tweeting a number of times with the hashtag DLMOOC and I posted my weekly Storify reflections on the DLMOOC site. I engaged in a few conversations/discussions with other members of the course, however I think I could have joined in on more conversations with members of the MOOC.

Overall my experience with my first Massive Open Online Course was very positive.   

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