Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week 6 EDUC 7728 Online Content Construction and Remixing

This week we were to post our rendition of an Auto - Ethnography. Basically, we were to create a video of our life with either text or audio accompanying it. We received numerous resources and video samples to read and view before starting this project and those helped immensely. It was suggested that we write out or plan out what we wanted to portray in our lives and then gather the materials to put into our video. And that was the approach I took. The most tedious part of the task was actually gathering pictures, uploading them onto the computer, and then putting them in a timeline format.

I felt the theme of my Auto-Ethnography was how growing up in my family has shaped who I am today. I feel that I reflected a lot on my parents and how they played such an integral part of my life. This was most likely due to the fact that we recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary. I think through the planning of the celebration I realized how these two such wonderful people influenced me and that came in to play when I was creating my video.

Even though it took  a lot of time and planning, this project was fun and interesting and I would recommend all teachers and staff at schools try doing their own videos.  This would be a great way to immerse teachers into the use of simple technology and then get them excited about teaching it to their students. Through-out this project I not only learned more about the small group of classmates in my IT & Digital Media Literacy Program but I also learned how to use iMovie with much more ease and confidence. I also used the audio and the background music feature that I had not used before. The final project from my classmates were as usual very impressive and I enjoyed watching all of them. For a look at My Auto-Ethnography please click on the link or view below.

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  1. What a great video... I learned so much about you... good luck and I hope our paths cross again soon!