Sunday, June 22, 2014

EDUC 7724 Week 12 AT Post-Secondary Education - Discussion Director

As this weeks discussion director for EDUC 7724 the topic of readings and discussion was AT and its place in post secondary education.  Our readings consisted of the article,  The Efficacy of Assistive Technology on Reading by Floyd and Judge which brought us through a study conducted with 6 students identified with LD. Also included in our readings was Chapter 9 - Assistive Technology for Transition to the Adult World of Assistive Technology for All Students (Beard, Carpenter, and Johnson) which talked about why AT should be included in transition planning, its role in post secondary education, as well as its use in employment. Lastly, we read Chapter 8 of Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities -Transition to the Adult World, talks about anchoring instruction. The focus was independent learning & living, and the demand for technology literacy in the 21st Century workplace.  

based on the readings I decided to had my classmates respond to: "What do educational service providers need to know in order to provide effective assistive technology services to students with learning disabilities at the post secondary level? “ (Assistive Technology for Post secondary Students with Learning Disabilities)

So for  the first prompt of the week I requested that they imagine being a student with a disability requesting the need to use a particular AT device in order to succeed in your  post secondary/college life.  The responses were well thought-out, both descriptive in the disability and the AT device needed/used. Many responses were written to their Alma mater's and they investigated the websites by these colleges/universities to determine how to approach that institution with a request for AT use. I appreciated all the work and thought that was put into the prompt responses. It might have even been difficult for some to craft their writing from the perspective/position of a students with a disability.  

My request for Prompt #2 of the week, I wanted my classmates to tweet something they took away from the readings this week. I thought i would bring us back to using a digital tool we were comfortable with but probably had not used in a few weeks. Tweets included:

  • AT in post-sec. ed requires transitional prep that starts from age 14. Students must become self advocates.
  • AT can provide access to opportunity and advancement in life. #itdml
  • LD students must advocate for themselves in college and in the real world. We must teach that skill.#AssistiveTechnology
  • "Use of Assistive Technology on the rise for college students, who must learn to self advocate:" …
  • Self-advocacy by high school students with disabilities is a step towards taking control of their future. #AssistiveTechnololgy
  • AT devices help disabled students accomplish their goals and dreams in college and beyond. #itdml
  • Assistive technology design should consider gender and culture - perspective needs. 
  •  In college, Students must document their special needs and communicate them appropriately, in order to receive AT support #itdml
Thanks for the responses and the experience to be discussion director for EDUC 7724. 

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