Sunday, June 22, 2014

EDUC7726 Week 12 Independent Project

This week for EDUC 7726 my classmates and I met face to face to present our independent projects for this course. The various topics and issues presented by my classmates was nothing less than impressive. While listening to each others project presentations we were required to reflect upon our learning throughout the IT & DML program.  What came to mind first was were the beginning two Monday nights of the program when we were faced with the challenge of learning what was then a somewhat unfamiliar world of technology and digital media literacy. I couldn't help but think "what a long way we've come !"

Having said that I will now summarize my independent project and provide the link to both the presentation and the my live binder project. The subject of my project was "Starting up a STEM based School Program". Its purpose is to provide educators and administrators with the guidelines, process and qualifications  begin implementation of a K - 8 STEM school. The content of my live binder includes an outline for an Action Plan, a STEM Curriculum,  and STEM Resources. It also illustrates how technology and digital literacy are built in to a STEM Education Program. My project will explain the elements of STEM, as well as its relevance, importance and benefits to the future teaching and learning of students in our nation. Project Based Learning will be explained and its role in STEM Education. The human as well as the technical resources needed for a successful STEM Program will also be outline.  For a look at my Prezi Presentation and Live Binder please click the on the links.

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