Sunday, June 29, 2014

EDUC 7726 Week 13 : Leadership in Action: Putting it all Together

Teaching, Learning and Assessing with Technology

The  assignment for EDUC 7726 Week 13: Leadership in Action: Putting it all Together. We were to return to the beginning of this class with a recap of student learning outcomes for the IT&DML program. There were two options to chose from to show how or what we learned connects to or how we can implement or future plan with what we learned. I chose Option 2: Planning.

In addressing Option 2: PLANNING (a.k.a. forward thinking, outlook, projections, opportunities). I decided to use Storify as my technology tool to tell a story of how Teaching, Learning and Assessing with Technology could be implemented into "Designing a STEM School Program" (my Independent project for this course)

The urban neighborhood school that I currently work in is attempting to become a STEM based theme school. My intent is to become an integral player in the designing of our STEM Program as well as a leader in STEM for our school. My Storify highlights some work that I did in this course as well as reference some of my classmates work. I felt by trying to plan and develop a STEM Program I could use the many resources, materials, and knowledge that I learned through the IT&DML Program. Please click on the link to view my Storify. 

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