Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting Started with Ebay
Advice and Information

In perusing the internet to find advice on how to begin selling items on ebay I found a lot of information. I initially Googled ebay's site to find out how to sell things and that is listed below

Then in order to get another  perspective on the trials and tribulations of ebay I decide to interview my son’s friend whom I got the idea from in the first place and his interview can be seen below. I thought a first hand account of a novice ebay member would be a good reference for me before I started.

Last week I quickly looked up and kept on my favorites a few more interesting sites regarding ebay sales and found ehow had a lot of information so I will be reading through that in the next few days.

Recently I went on to YouTube to see what anyone had to offer in the way of e-bay advice and found this really great YouTube video hosted by a woman who calls her site “Motivating Mondays”. The particular video I watched so far was in regards to shipping, lots of good stuff in this video and a great ebay selling story. I figured that if  Matt (my son’s friend) had the most difficulty with the shipping issue then I should really look into that aspect of the selling. The video link below went into detail regarding who to use for shipping, shipping prices, what shipping materials to use, etc.

I also plan to investigate how to take a good picture of your item and how to write a description.

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