Sunday, August 4, 2013

ED 714 Connectivism, Curation, etc.

My Understanding of PLN’s

Part of my job as a math coach in my school district is to support teachers who are teaching math. In addition, I am to provide them with professional development on whatever new math program, strategy, assessment, data program , etc. comes our way. So in thinking about how I would demonstrate my understanding of  Professional Learning Networks I decided to show how I would promote PLN’s  within my school community using Padlet as a tool. I focused my Padlet around our Math in Focus Program with an intent to not only introduce the program and give background knowledge on the Singapore Approach but also to slowly immerse the teachers into the various environments in which they could share their thoughts and ideas about math. My Padlet design includes youtube videos, websites for practice, and a blog link for teachers to use and explore. By connecting them to the Padlet page teachers don’t have to wait for my next PD session. They can easily access the Padlet page at their convenience. I think of it as a way to give them a jump-start into a variety of places that they can learn, grow and share professionally. My hope is that the teachers at my school will eventually begin their own PLN that is personalized and of their own professional interest.

Once I started the design (with some guidance and input from my classmate Roisin) the whole concept of what I was trying to achieve became clearer. I would love to truly implement this into my school this coming year. I think the idea of using social media communication in an educational setting would really excite the teachers in my school.

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