Monday, August 5, 2013

My Learning Project- Selling on eBay

ED 714
Latest Update on My Learning Project - Listing on ebay

The last avenue of research I had outlined in "learning how to list an item on eBay" was the photo. I learned  the following tips from online sources on how to take the best photo for an item on eBay:

use a good camera
use natural light
item should be clean and in good condition
take every or any angle of the object that you can
use a contrasting color for the background i.e. black for light items and white for dark items

Since I was listing 2 children's winter jackets (blue and grey) and a blue iPod as my first items I used an off white background and took the pictures in my backyard with natural light.

Pictures below show the setting of the photos:

Next steps are to sign up, uploads the pictures, write a description, and make a pay pal account. All of which I will be doing on the ebay website.  

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