Sunday, January 12, 2014

ED 722 Week #2 Online Theory

This weeks reading's for course ED722 was about online learning and learning theories. As I began the viewing the assignments about learning theories it brought me back to our very first assignment,  Our Philosophy Statement, this summer for our IT&Digital Media Literacy program. In that assignment we were asked to write about a psychologist , theorists or educator that opposed our tenets of learning and I wrote,"I found that to be a somewhat difficult task. I think many of the views and opinions of these people (psychologists, theorists, and educators) are valid yet I don’t believe there is one best way for all to learn. As educators we have experienced a diverse pool of learners and thinkers" and therefore need to blend or use a variety of learning theories in order to meet the needs of our students. And that is what I still believe, however I am an advocate, obviously, of the online learning theory and it's powerful potential to teach our students about another important aspect of teaching which is global education. 

Here is my Storify on Online learning.

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  1. I agree, Beth, there is no one way to teach, to assess, to scaffold. It makes me nervous when we try to stick to a prescribed anything in education, because we are dealing with human beings. No one individual learns, feels, reacts, processes or synthesizes information the same way. We see that in families. Several children all raised in the same environment with the same parent(s) yet each one is unique in their development and responses to that environment.