Sunday, January 5, 2014

Using Storify to create a short story about Distance Learning

As one of our first assignments this semester in my ED 722 class we were required to use Storify to talk about Distance Learning. The article Distance Education in the Unites States: Past, Present, Future by Farhad Saba enlightened me about a range of information concerning the topic.

After viewing a very helpful YouTube video on How to use Storify, sent to me by one of my classmates, I felt somewhat confident in using the tool. When I first started figuring out how to maneuver within the site and set up my story it seemed to be a bit time consuming. But, I soon got the hang of it, and found it to be such a creative way to discuss a topic/subject matter which allowed you to embed links, images, tweets, videos, articles, etc. from a variety of other sources. Basically I went through the information in the article and added supportive images, tweets, and news articles relating to the many aspects of Distance Education.

I can see how this tool would be highly engaging for students as well as tap into their creativity. I would like to eventually have students use this tool for an assignment when the opportunity arises, seeing that I do not have my own classroom and I teach math. However, I really enjoyed using Storify !

Here is the link to my first Storify creation.

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