Sunday, January 19, 2014

ED 722 Week 3 Learning Management Systems

 This weeks readings for course ED 722 dealt with Learning Management Systems (LMS). The article, "What are Learning Managements Systems, What are They Not, and What Should They Become" enlightened me into the world of LMS and the mis-labeling of systems that actually are NOT LMS's. As I am familiar with the e-learning systems used in my school's district and others, as well as being familiar with Blackboard- seeing it used at UNH,  I was not aware that those in fact are not considered to be "official" Learning Management Systems. However they can be paired or used as support to an LMS. I learned that a Learning Management System is much more.  For more details and explanation of Learning Management Systems please visit my Storify on LMS  .

My LMS Wordle

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