Saturday, January 25, 2014

ED 722 Week 4 Response MOOC's

There were a lot of new aspects of teaching and learning touched upon in our readings from both this course and our Global Literacy course so I hope I get them all straight in my responses this week. I also viewed additional information on this weeks topics as well as responses, points of view, etc. from my classmates, which by the way, were just so impressive. Having said that, my classmates and I are beginning a new  type of e-learning or online learning as we are all participating in a MOOC. #DLMOOC to be more specific. The focus of our Massive Open Online Course is “Deeper Learning”.  What's new and different is the amount of people involved in the course, many more than our usual 11 to 15.

As I have heard our professor mention the word MOOC’s many times in hangouts and discussions I must admit I did not exactly know what he was referring to. Now I do, as I have spent the week not only joining one, but also introducing myself and looking at other classmates introductions. I have also checked out the syllabus and have read and researched other resources about MOOC’s. I am hoping to learn more about Deeper Learning and as I mentioned in my storify about MOOC’s. I also hope to bring the information that I learn back to the teachers in my school. Please visit my Storify on MOOC’s.

Visit the following website: The William and Flaura Hewlitt Foundation and how they describe the meaning of Deeper Learning as well as the benefits it offers to students.

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