Sunday, February 2, 2014

ED 722 Week 5 Response

This week in ED722  more of an emphasis was placed on the learning rather than the teaching. Readings for the week included discussions and information on project based learning, participatory learning, and new learning management systems. Many of these new learning styles or approaches are project based, collaborative and include technology. Ron Berger promotes Exploratory Learning which is also project based and it allows for students, even those in urban settings, to create authentic tasks.  He believes students should be taught to have a growth mindset much like Carol Dweck. I found Berger’s EL approach interesting so I googled “EL schools in CT” and found one in Hartford. Unfortunately I was not able to get a real sense of what was happening in the school through their web-site. However, I did really enjoyed perusing through the student work archives of Berger’s but found that their meaning would have been more relevant had the objective or purpose of the project been included.

In reference to participatory learning I read an article titled, “A New Approach to Teaching and Learning”. In the article it describe participatory learning as a process by which a student goes through an experience and learns from it. This type of learning encourages students or participants to engage or communicate through computer mediated communication. It continues by saying that mobile devices and social media are critical for participatory learning.

Lastly, I read  about new pedagogy that is emerging and how  learning management  systems such as OER’s and MOOC’s are both beneficial and challenging yet what’s important is how the technology is changing the way we teach.  And that this new pedagogy is driven by changes in society, students expectations, and technology which in turn is motivating universities and colleges professors to re-think their methods of teaching. Along with this new pedagogy comes new demands, new students expectations, and new technologies. Although these “new” factors have lots of benefits its getting teachers on board and training them with technology and software that can prove to be a challenge.

For more on new pedagogy, technology and participatory learning please view my storify for this week.  

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