Saturday, February 8, 2014

ED 722 Week 6 Response - Internships DLMOOC Topic

This weeks reading for ED722 focused on cloud based learning while our DLMOOC's focus was Internships. I decided to focus my response and Storify on what I learned about internships. While viewing the videos from the DLMOOC and the archived hangouts I was even more impressed with High Tech High. Last week I looked at the Project Based Learning going on in that particular school and how it exemplified deeper learning. And this week the highlight of the discussion group was on a young high school student from High Tech High and her experience in organizing and presenting to adult educators the benefits of internships in high school.  I felt that this student's confidence, maturity, knowledge and experiences were only going to lead her to be very successful.

It also made me reflect upon two things in my high schools years. One was that this new and exciting program called ECA or Educational Center for the Arts was offered to students in my school who were talented in the areas of art, dance, music, and theatre. Once accepted students spent half the day at high school and half the day at ECA.  It was a great way to keep students interested in going to high school because they knew by mid-day they would be engaged in something that was interesting and meaningful to why wasn't there more of that offered ?

The other reflection was that if internships were offered then it might have helped me to be better prepared in choosing a major in college.  I remember thinking that going to college and getting a degree was going to get me a really good job. Well, back when I graduated there were very few jobs available for students with a liberal arts degree. Employers wanted you to have a more specific type of degree or experience.  While working in retail and waitressing, I spend much of my time, applying to career oriented jobs as well. Until finally and happily I ended up being a teacher.

I think many students especially in the urban setting would benefit from internships. When students actually see that what they are learning in school applies to the real-world it can be a very powerful and motivating factor in keeping our students in school until graduation and even further.

Please visit my Storify on Internships.

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