Sunday, February 23, 2014

ED722 Week 8 Response

The theme for this week's ED 722 and our #DLMOOC focused on providing Deeper Learning for a wide range of students. We viewed a panelists of educators, including Ron Berger, as they discussed issues surrounding Deeper Learning. Additional resources led me to an interview with Lisa Delpit and her book entitled "Multiplication is for White People". The title definitly intrigued me as it contained the word "multiplication" and math is what I teach. But after reading the interview it became apparent that the book was more about how our schools are built around teaching the typical white middle class student in the United States. She believes that this approach is not working for other groups of student mainly those of African American descent and of lower socio-economic status. What I took away from this week's learning can be found in this link to My Storify.

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